Especially toxic pool was discovered in 2015 at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico, off the coast of New Orleans. Depth of 3,000 feet, the pool was about 30 feet circumference, containing a mixture of toxic chemicals such as hydrogen sulfide, and kills all marine animal came upon it by accident, she was nicknamed “whirlpool of despair.” Depth of 4 meters, she was discovered by a robot submarine, and it involves perhaps the secret of how life exists on other planets.

Researchers Association oceans called the pool “whirlpool of despair”, due to the relatively high temperatures prevailing in it, about 19 ° C, and due to the high concentration of salts in it. They found the remains of the bodies of crabs and other vertebrates preserved due to the banks of the pond. The team collected samples of microbial life managed to adapt to the environmental conditions in the pool, and they believe that these creatures have adapted to beings similar to other planets in our solar system.