Is David Bowie’s remains were scattered in a desert in the United States? Director Duncan Jones (45), son of rock legend David Bowie, who died in January from cancer, strongly denies the rumors circulating about his father’s ashes were scattered because during the festival ” Burning-Man “black rock desert in Nevada, USA.

According to channel E, late David Bowie and his son talked quite a bit about the festival Burning-Man and what it represents, and David loved what lies behind it, so this how the rumor Started.

Jones tweeted on Twitter and noted that “It’s unbelievable what people will do and say to get attention. Just disgusting”. He added that “if my father wanted to be strewn in front of a bunch of strangers, he would choose a favorite place more like Skegness, England reserve adjacent to the sea, rather than in a festival”.

Every year people from all over the world come to Black Rock Desert, creating a temporary community and incorporate artistic elements during the event. The highlight of the festival burning human figure made of wood (Burning-Man).