The biggest radio telescope facility in the world’s established in China starting today (Sunday) search for signs of life beyond Earth Another show of force Beijing has ambitions to become a superpower space and achieve an international scientific prestige.

Communist regime spent billions of dollars in projects similar ambitious space program as well as the army, which opened earlier this month space station II of China. It took five years and $ 180 million to pass the radio telescope in Puerto Rico, who served as the study of the stars and led to a Nobel Prize.

The official news agency Xinhua reported that hundreds of astronomers and curious observers  watched the launching of the satellite known as FAST. The scientists were quoted as saying that he will look after gravitational waves, radio signals to detect stars and galaxies and listen for signs of life extraterrestrial intelligent. About 8,000 residents were moved from their homes to allow the construction of the facility and reportedly they will be compensated from a special fund and bank loans.