Houses of Game Of Thornes

Oh George R.R Martin how clever you are and how many clues you like to put in the books and at the show in order to tell us the end game making sure that we will feel amazed and surprised when we will finally read / or watch the end of this amazing ice and fire.

But as George him self said , some readers already guessed the end game even far back at 1999 when the books only started to emerge and the early blogs at the internet started to discuss the books.

So first SPOILER Alert , if you don’t want to read it . go away now.

I decided to make this article short , as there so many theories and the internet can offer so much more then me , so take this as Pointers and investigate if you find this interesting.

  • Jon is the son of Rhaegar Targaryen (Son of the Mad king – Dany’s father) and Leana Stark (Ned Stark Sister) – The most obvious as so many hints are already here , tower of joy scene , Gili reading on the secret wedding at Dorne (Season 7 Episode 5)
  • Jon Will Ride On of The Dragons -Targaryen’s blood connect by magic to dragons and Jon can ride and control a dragon thanks to his blood
  • Ice Dragon – There will be an ice dragon , the theories suggest he moght be under the wall or hiding at Winterfell Crypt , Or the night king will transform one of Dany’s dragons
  • Brna is the Night King – From all the theories this is my favorite , bran will be the man stabbed by the dragon glass dagger , by be i mean bran will take poses on a man mind in the past and will not be able to break free in time . and the children will turn a part of him to the first white walker.
  • Bran is all the Brandons Starks from the past , especially brandon the builder as he will go back in time to build the wall as he knows more on the danger and he decide to lead the man to this huge endeavour
  • Children of the forest still live in Westeros at the isle of faces
  • Weirwood function as a hive mind for the children of the forest , this is a common theme at George R.R martin books , the Weirwood contain the memories of all the children and of the first man and function as hive mond
  • The First Man and The Children of the forest had mate and the stark blood is the result of this – All Starks can warg into their wolfs this ability was created by joining the children DNA with the First Man
  • Well this the main theories that can poke your mind and also have a lot of clues at the show and not only in the books , and trust there are so much more.
    hope you enjoyed.