For the fourth time in a row select Vladimir Putin to Forbes magazine the world’s strongest man. Influential people list published today (Wednesday) says that in 2016 “deepened the Russian influence in almost every place on earth”. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu arrived in 20th place in the list.

“The fourth term for Prime Minister Netanyahu is interested in security positions deviate little conservative attached to him,” stated the Prime Minister. “Netanyahu is facing harsh international criticism over the conflict but his attitudes unshakable. With a new US president supports also no real reason to bend them.” Netanyahu last year reached the 21st place on the list.

The Russian president stated that “their homeland, through Syria to the US presidential election, Putin went on to achieve what he wants.” acting “reckless” against “the world’s conventional norms and increased control in recent years.”

Second place came Donald Trump, who won Time Magazine man of the year . Forbes says that it seems that the president of the United States have bound “immunity scandals, both houses of Congress are on his side and his personal wealth is estimated at billions of dollars.” Last year, Trump came in 72nd place in the list of Forbes influential.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel came third on the list. Barack Obama, who was in third place last year, has deteriorated to the 48th place. In fourth place is the President of China Xi Jinping.

The pope Francis arrived in Sixth place in the list Janet Yellen the president of the Federal Reserve . Microsoft founder Bill Gates in seventh place and Larry Page, CEO of google , in eighth place. Indian Prime Minister Nrndh Moody and Facebook founder Mark Tzokrbg closing the top ten.