WikiLeaks website published yesterday (Friday) the transcripts of the speeches of Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton to the banks and business entities on Wall Street, which indicates that it supports “a free market and open borders.” Latest leak came after the founder of the site Julian Asng promised this week to publish documents related to elections in the United States. Series of burglaries attributed to Russia yesterday accused Moscow and Washington, the official responsible for this.

Parts of speech was in 2013 and 2014 before the campaign included comments dimmed to its audience, which together paid her $ 26.1 million. Clinton refused to publish the content of those speeches, despite the demand of the main primary rival . Bernie Sanders. Mail addresses included her among the political advisers, including campaign chairman John Podesta her, account has been hacked.

WikiLeaks claimed that they released thousands of miles of Podesta. Apparently, the Democratic candidate’s advisers have shared their speeches to identify the passages can be problematic if published.

One of her speeches revealed that Clinton expressed enthusiastic support for the liberalization of the market, a position from which it retreated significantly during the campaign. In a speech to Brazilian bank in 2013, she said that her dream is a common market in the Western Hemisphere, with “free trade and open borders.” She asked her audience to think about what the meaning of doubling trade between the United States and Latin America “for everyone in this room.”

In another incident, in October 2013, sponsored by Goldman Sachs Bank, she said that presidential candidates need economic support of Wall Street to run a competitive campaign. “Run the job requires a lot of money, and candidates need to go out and raise it,” Clinton said. “New York is probably the best place for donations or fund-raising for both sides, and is also in our economic center. There are a lot of people need to ask tough questions before they give money to people who risk all to our economy.”