Photos taken by a local police station in Ohio and recorded pair allegedly suffered a heroin overdose in their car while their infant son sitting in the back seat, the weekend has become viral as evidence of the dangerous drug use.

The pictures were on the Facebook page of East Liverpool Police, next to the cop report the incident. Parents, James and Rhonda ruled in curt, were arrested and charged their child at risk. “We are aware that some of these images would be offended and so we apologize,” reads a post, “but it’s time that the public is not taking drugs to see what we deal with on a daily basis.”

“The poison, known as heroin, is destroyer many communities, not just ours. The difference is that we are ready to fight the problem until to disappear if that means offend a few people along the way, we are ready to deal with it,” police said.

Images recorded James , 50, and Rhonda , 47, unconscious in the front seat of the car. And their mouths gaping silently staring at the camera from the back seat. Post won 20 thousand shares and approximately 3,000 comments from Friday afternoon.

According to the police report, alongside photos uploaded to Facebook, Officer Kevin Thompson driving his private car spotted the car swerved suspiciously before being pulled over. Thompson said that James head back and forth. According to Thompson, the James was enough to tell the officer that he wanted to take the ruling to the hospital and then lost consciousness.

The officer’s report claimed that the decision was unconscious and her skin began to turn blue. Medical personnel called to the scene performed resuscitation and gave them conflicting drug overdose. The officer said that in a piece of paper that was folded between the legs of the ruling was a pink powder.

James arrested for child endangerment and a traffic violation. Was also arrested on suspicion of child endangerment and drug use. Their infant son was taken by social services in the town.