At least one person was killed today (Thursday), and about a hundred others were injured, some seriously, in a collision on the platform at the train station in the city of Hoboken, New Jersey, is located near┬áto New York City – so the state media reported. According to reports, some passengers trapped inside the train, causing great damage to the place.

ABC reported that the train had 250 people, and most of the injured were in the first car or station. “The railway station was damaged and there is heavy damage to the building,” said NJ Transit spokeswoman for the company that owns the train. , she added. The reason for the conflict not yet clear, and police began an investigation into the incident

“Just did not stop the train,” said one of the eyewitnesses instead. “She crossed the barriers and crashed into the building.” Leon Offengenden, another witness to the event, said that “the locomotive went off the track and entered the building. The station lights went out, and some people were screaming. Adam came over and grabbed his arm bleeding.” Train services were suspended in the area.