Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump responded today (Thursday) released the last day claims from several women, whereby he sexually harassed them. “New York Times story failed is a complete fabrication,” the billionaire wrote in his Twitter account. The newspaper published the testimony of two women who said they were harassment on the part of New York real estate magnate. He threatens libel action against the newspaper.

The things she told a reporter Magazine “Fifol” Natasha Stoinof, wrote that “the incident never occurred.” Column published today in the magazine, she told how the billionaire pushed her against the wall in one room at his estate in Florida and began to kiss her “in seconds”. All this, noted Stoinof, during a visit in is he┬áhome in 2005, designed in an interview, a year after marrying with Melania Trump, who was then pregnant, and when she is at home.

Allegations of sexual harassment were originally from Trump New York Times “. Jessica Leeds, 74, of Manhattan, said that he grabbed her breasts and tried to touch her skirt flew to New York more than 35 years. Even Rachel Crookes, 33, told the newspaper about a similar case. According to her, in 2005, when she worked at investment and real estate development at the Tower Trump “in Manhattan, she met him out of the elevator in the building. Because her company has done business with the billionaire, she turned to him and introduced herself. Trump squeezed her hand but then did not let up and kissed her on the cheek. then, “he kissed me right on the mouth,” she said.

In addition, the Florida newspaper report in the morning that another woman says Republican candidate sexually assaulted her. “Palm Beach Post” reported that Mindy Mglibri, 36, told Trump felt that his estate 13 years ago. According to the report, Mglibri complained about, but shared by his closest friends and family.

The campaign of Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton attacked Trump Following recent reports. “This disturbing story tragically suitable for all we know the way Donald Trump refers to women,” said campaign communications director Jennifer Palmieri. “These reports indicate that he lied during the conflict and repulsive behavior which boasted the tape was more than just words.”

Last week, before the conflict, the Washington Post exposed tape from 2005, which sounds Trump refers to women in a degrading and declares that “when you’re a star, you can do what you want for women, including catch their vagina.” CNN also released an interview Republican candidate transmit it to Howard Stern in 17 years and they spoke among other things about the appearance of his daughter Ivanka, to have sex with women and other controversial issues

These statements have created a deep crisis in the Republican Party, and many of its senior renounced the party candidate for president, including the 2008 candidate, Senator John McCain. Chairman House of Representatives Paul Ryan, the senior Republican on duty in the administration, made it clear that will not protect more about Trump will not appear with the election rallies. The billionaire said in response that he “remove the gloves” and that he can not succeed when it is not supported.