Authorities in Germany have suggested today (Wednesday) one hundred thousand euros for those who will assist in identifying the terrorist Ennis Omri, 24-year-old Tunisian suspected of committing the bulldozer attack that killed 12 people and wounded about 50. Federal prosecution statement said that the suspect, following an extensive manhunt is being conducted in Germany and around Europe, could be “armed and dangerous” and urged residents to inform the police if they see him. The news agency AP reported that Omri, who used fake names, this year was under surveillance for several months.

His father told a radio station in Tunisia that his son left the country seven years ago and banned for a while in Italy during this time. AFP reported that family members were interrogated by the security forces in Tunisia. In a statement, the prosecution stated that the height and weight of Omri are average, black hair and brown eyes.

Berlin officials said that the lawsuit according to that they have opened an investigation against him on March 14, after receiving federal information security authorities. They warned that Omri, defined as a threat by the authorities in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia in western Germany, may plan a robbery to buy automatic rifles used by him in the attack. The footsteps indicated that the suspect was involved in drug trafficking in the city park and a fight in the pub, but there was no evidence that he actually intends to carry out an attack. Following him was stopped in September. His arrest order was reported that Omri used six aliases. Following the subsequent search began his stay documents, the truck was used to override the Christmas Market.

CNN reported that he was arrested in August due to forged documents, but was released by the court. Minister of the Interior of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia said that he was know to German security agencies since last month in light of the approaching circle of supporters of an extremist Islamic preacher known as Abu and was arrested last month on his own. He said the suspect’s deportation attempts have failed because of his identification papers and were Tunisian authorities have not confirmed that he is indeed a citizen of the country.

Police raid a shelter of refugees in Emmerich, in the District of West Germany, where the visa was issued for the suspect. As far as he arrived in Italy in 2012 and Germany last year, where he applied for asylum. He received a temporary residence permit in April, but his application was rejected in June. However, the interior minister of North Rhine-Westphalia said that his deportation papers were not ready.

Reported this morning that the Polish truck driver tried to stop the attack, and survived until the rampage. According to sources involved in the investigation, he fight the terrorist and tried to prevent him to run over the Christmas Market participants in Bbriitsiidflatz. It was also reported that the terrorist stabbed the driver shortly before the attack, and he died instantly. After stopping the truck, the terrorist shot him with firearms. However, the German news agency reported that the scene found no evidence of the  gun.