Firefighters and rescue works at the scene of the fire that broke out at the club in the city of Oakland in california yesterday, identified today (Sunday) 24 bodies in the area. According to estimates of the authorities, the number of victims of this disaster is expected to rise and could reach 40 people, and search efforts continue.

According to senior officials among firefighters, from 30 to 70 people spent at the club when the fire broke out, and now they are trying to locate anyone who was there. Another told firefighters that the fire break reason still unknown.

The two-story warehouse living artists without permission, according to authorities. The party also was held there last night without a license. The building had no fire extinguishers or smoke detectors. As a outcome from the fire, the roof collapsed.

Many family members of missing persons came to the police station in town to find out what happened to their loved ones. Daniel Vega, his brother and his girlfriend are listed as missing, said: “If he dies, I’ll get over it, but I just want to find him.”

“I knew people were dying when I saw the fire,” said the owner of the store across the street. “There is no chance that anyone could get out of there.”