After the first debate , Clinton and Trump say they both won, thank supporters Рand preparing for the challenges  follow to come: After the meeting first debate with Democratic candidate Republican presidential candidate US Hofstra University in New York, both candidate to summations. Clinton seemed satisfied and smiling more Trump, despite Polls showed that both of the various media indicated that prevailed on this conflict.

“I’m so glad,” said Clinton to her supporters after the conflict, with a big smile – and a substantial increase greatly relieved. “We had the opportunity to hold the first presidential confrontation. There we have two more clashes and more time before the election. We can not take anybody for granted anywhere.”

Clinton’s smile is probably due to the favorable polls after the conflict, determine that she won the first time. CNN poll shows that 62% believe Clinton won the debate, compared to only 27% thought it was the Trump overcame her. Clinton shared the poll results picture her Twitter page. Politico Web site conducted a survey among voters in key states, and the winner of Clinton’s lead over Trump.

Clinton won the support of Vice President Joe Biden, tweeted: “Tonight, Hillary has proven that it is ready to be president – and Trump proved he was not ready”. Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, also expressed support for Clinton and chirped: “It is so clear that Clinton is the only candidate willing to be president.”

Donald Trump’s side, compared to Clinton, things were a little different. While his team expressed satisfaction with the conflict, but Trump himself did not seem very pleased with – and told reporters they planned things to say about the Clintons and said: “Her husband Bill was in with her daughter Chelsea, which I think is a very nice young woman. I did not want to tell what was on the tip of my tongue about things that happened in their life, so I decided not to say it. I thought it would be very disrespectful to Chelsea and perhaps also to the family but she (Hillary) said very bad things about me. ”

Social networks, Trump actually expressed satisfaction with the results of the surveys he saw – besides the survey determined that Clinton won the debate – and by a considerable margin. Republican candidate tweet “Wow, polls say we did a good job – except that this CNN poll station that I would not watch it.” Trump shared the results of CNBC survey indicates that 61% believed that he won the debate, and further survey of the magazine “Time”, which won 59% support Internet survey published. Even Republican Fox News Network, Trump leads poll with 56% compared to 34% for Clinton.