US citizens point out today (Sunday) 15 years suicide attacks of September 11 2001. The ceremony commemorated among other things, reading names of the victims and the ringing of church bells. Also, in the area where the Twin Towers collapsed activated spotlights illuminate buildings where previously stood.

At a ceremony in New York were not official speeches, by tradition, since 2012. The names of the 2,983 victims were read by relatives during a ceremony at the monument of Manhattan and included six minutes of silence. Four minutes will mark the times when the four hijacked planes crashed World Trade Center, the Pentagon near Washington, DC and a field in Pennsylvania. Other two will mark the times when the twin towers collapsed, north and south.

According to the network “Fox”, Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton collapsed during a ceremony held in New York, why remain unclear, and was forced to leave. According to an eyewitness, she underwent “medical event”, whose nature has not been clarified, but reportedly it comes to any knee problem. Another witness claimed that slipped at the edge of the pavement, and her shoe fell under the vehicle. This was not given any verification.

Clinton headquarters for a long time refused to address inquiries regarding press and has not yet provided information about her whereabouts or condition present. Finally, an official statement said that “during the ceremony, she suffered from the heat, so she left to her daughter’s apartment. She feels better now.” He added the senior campaign of Clinton she is now resting at her daughter home Chelsea. Clinton finally emerged from Chelsea home , waved to journalists who were there, and said: “I feel great. It’s a beautiful day in New York.”

President Barack Obama said in a speech at the Pentagon that terrorist organizations “know they can not defeat us, and so they try to intimidate us and to fuel hatred, to turning against each other.” He said, “It is important now, redefine our character as a nation – people from every corner of the world, every color, every religion, every background, bonded of our founding fathers. We know that diversity ours was and always will be one of our strengths. America was attacked that morning September. this is the America we must remain faithful to it, and stay united. ”