If you hear of an asteroid comes close to the Earth, threatening to collide with and destroy it, probably, the majority of life on it – you probably busy day and night in an attempt to dig tunnels, hiding you, your children, and animals. It’s probably not far from the atmosphere that we should feel, considering the theory that each day is approaching destruction of the Earth due to acts of us. If this theory is correct – we should start now, ask forgiveness for future generations – or try to save the future.

Since the beginning of the industrial revolution, human impact on the planet crucial. Scientists and experts believe that we are going in the process of completely change the conditions, the situation on the planet – just like the ice or threat of asteroids. In the current reality, it is man who is threatening the earth.

For a human influence on the person has been there – . This new geological period characterized by a devastating impact and unprecedented human on Earth.

12 thousand years, since the last ice age, mankind has flourished under conditions of stable and favorable climate. Human pledged gradually the world’s resources in his favor. Since the middle of last century, the industry serving the mankind emits carbon dioxide into the air that causes global warming. Warming leads to melting glaciers, raising the water level. Hence the devastating result: species and entire species of animals and plants disappear.

But that’s not all: enslaving human animal needs, chopping forests to make way for roads and asphalt concrete structures and polluting the atmosphere radioactivity that affects all living tissue.

“Because our planet is our life support system, we are actually a team of giant space ship,” explains Professor Chris Ripley, a climate expert at the University College of London who headed the Science Museum in London. “Serious injury systems is very significant. If we were a team that runs a spaceship bit smaller, we would not raise our minds to sabotage systems that provide us air, water, food and a comfortable climate. Life we lead during the Anthropocene we are playing with fire and certainly will regret this conduct if just understand how severe the situation is. ”

But despite the obvious signs of a catastrophe is approaching, the international community and its leaders can not in the meantime to implement preventive policy that would require the world to save himself. Global policy is a prerequisite for dealing with these problems. Therefore, as of now, it seems that all that remains for us is to apologize to future generations about the struggles for survival that we are bequeathing to them in an effort to continue to live here.