Background arrears of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump in the polls, and in the shadow of allegations of sexual harassment and contempt of women rising against him regularly, Republican Party officials seem to believe that rather controversial candidate is to restore it to the White House in November. Despite dozens of Republican officials announced they would not support Trump, Chairman Raines Fribos was one of those who spoke today (Sunday) the right of a candidate – and called on Republicans to vote for him, and noted that he was “confident that he will win the election.”

Fribos rejected recent criticism voiced against Trump, who declared on several occasions that the presidential election “pre-sold” and claimed not necessarily respect the results. In an interview with CBS noted Fribos that election fraud “is not a figment of some people”, and asked Republican voters “beware of scams that may occur on election day.” He said, “This is what Trump says he wants to keep all options open in case need to be a recount. He will not refuse to recognize a loss if there is no election fraud.”

Fribos continued with the taking Trump recently accused the media to¬†poison voters against Republican candidate. ” the¬†media is so dishonest and so corrupt that it is amazing. They are so dishonest that they poisoned the minds of voters, but to the dismay, I think voters see that,” he noted.

Sean Spicer, a senior communications adviser of the Republican Party, also expressed optimism about the chances of winning the election. “There is no doubt that we lag behind,” Spicer said in an interview with CNN that referred to recent polls retardation. He added: “But the wind at our backs. Trump in full swing, there is excitement around it. That’s what’s going to bring us to victory in November.”

Meanwhile, Trump’s son, Eric, referring to his father during the recent conflict with Democratic rival Hillary Clinton, according to which “keep the Americans in suspense” about the results of the election. According to the Republican candidate’s son, his father would get the election results “if there will be fair.” “He did not say who will get the results in any way. My father would get them 100% if they will be fair,” he told ABC.

Chairman of the party Trump and his son were not the only ones who spoke in favor of the controversial candidate. Former Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer, considered pro-women allegedly sexually harassed by Trump, and said that they “convey the same torture”.

On the other hand, Clinton’s campaign manager, Joel Branson, said that Republican Party officials working in recent days “out of desperation” ahead of upcoming elections. Asked in an interview with ABC Branson on a series of videos released by Republicans, including video which allegedly recorded democracy activists plan to ignite a riot at rallies support for Trump. “If the Republicans, Donald Trump and Eric Trump want to talk about it rather than the words of the Republican Party candidate, I think it shows the desperation”, he said.

He said, “What’s happening throughout this campaign Trump’s own words. We have a video in which he was heard to say ‘Give him a punch in the mouth, I want to be carried out on a stretcher. I mean, this presidential candidate.”

The survey published by the ABC morning, Clinton wins 50% support among voters, while Trump gets only 38% of the vote. Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson wins, according to the survey, 5% support and a candidate for “green” Jill Stein to 2%. This is the highest support rate compared with previous surveys Clinton’s ABC and the “Washington Post”.

Also, 59% of Trump’s supporters reject the arguments about bias elections, and 65% oppose says that will not get the results. According to another survey of CBS News, Trump gets a slight lead of three points over Clinton in Texas, while Clinton leads a similar margin in Florida. The two countries are particularly important in the race, due to the great number of delegates that each one of them.