Protest and outrage in the US: one person was injured in the night (between Wednesday and Thursday) critically riots in Charlotte, NC, continued for the second night in a row. Initially it was reported that the man was killed, but later amended the report when the city authorities stressed that in critical condition and is sedated and on a respirator – but still alive. so far, 16 police officers were injured in the violent confrontations.

Local police stressed that it is not responsible for the shooting that protester was injured, and argued that the shooting of civilians. North Carolina Governor Pat McCoury declared a state of emergency and began summoning the National Guard troops to assist the local police. Several protesters were arrested during the clashes.

In an interview with CNN, said that will not tolerate the violence raging in the streets of Charlotte: “I understand the concern, frustration and anger – but never will I honor violence”, he said, “is not acceptable on me.” Even a mayor Jennifer Roberts called for the cessation of violence: “We urge people to stay inside and avoid tramping the streets – violence is not the solution.”

Riots erupted following the shooting death Keith Lamont Scott, 43, a black man, earlier this week by police. The officer reported , an African-American himself, shot Scott after seeing him out of his car with a gun. Vinson and police officers who were with him when he went to Scott for his vehicle and then allegedly got out armed.

Local police stressed that “it was an immediate threat to the officers.” Police added that the policemen rushed to the scene to alert medical personnel and committed themselves resuscitation Scott was pronounced dead at a medical center nearby.

However, the daughter of Scott claimed live on Facebook – which has had more than half a million people – that contrary to statements the police, her father was not armed. According to her, her father sat in the car reading a book and waiting for the bus that would restore his son from school. She said further that before he was shot four times electrocuted her father with Taser, such that could pose a threat. Police refused to comment on accusations. The video has become viral and sparked riots in the city.