After the Obama administration imposed sanctions on Russia over allegations intervention in elections and expelled 35 foreign diplomats – Russian President Vladimir Putin declared that no US diplomat will not be expelled. The statement came after Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov proposed to respond to the sanctions the expulsion of 35 American diplomats in the country, but are now considered “appropriate response”

Putin added best wishes a happy New Year’s to the elect President Donald Trump, adding that he believes that after taking office, US and Russia will be able to advance any significant steps towards improving relations between the two countries

The White House announced yesterday the expulsion of 35 Russian diplomats within 72 hours, as well as the closure of two Russian intelligence complexes in New York and Maryland. Moscow does not linger, and warned: “These sanctions destroyed their bilateral relations. President Putin orders the appropriate response.” Russian Foreign Ministry official also called the move “political dying by Obama”.

Dmitry Pskov, a spokesman for Russian President Vladimir Putin, said, “It is unfortunate that Washington continues this destructive way” and that Moscow believe the latest move by the Obama administration “destroys the relationship.” Meanwhile, in Russia are beginning to respond to the sanctions and CNN reported that the Kremlin ordered the closure of an American school in Moscow .

Meanwhile, the incoming US president Donald Trump referred to the expulsion of diplomats and the first time a crisis with Russia. In an official reaction issued by Trump said that “it’s time we go on to bigger and better. However, in the interest of the state and our wonderful people I’ll meet next week with the heads of the intelligence community to keep up the situation. ”

Last night the Russian Embassy in London Twitte a picture of a duck with the words “lame”. “President Obama Deportation 35 diplomats like it is Cold War déjà vu”, the report said. “Everyone including the American people will be glad to see the end of this helpless government.”

In addition to the expulsion of diplomats, it was decided to close two Russian intelligence areas of the Federal Security Service (FSB) and the Russian intelligence service (GRU) in Maryland and New York. US President Barack Obama said this evening that the measure “is necessary and appropriate response to Russia’s actions. Every American should watch out for these actions. They were led by the most senior levels of the Russian government.” The US president added that the current move “does not last.”

The CIA estimated that Russia intervened in the US presidential election and helped Donald Trump to win the elections. According to officials, the investigation carried out by the CIA raises not only that Russia was trying to undermine the democratic process in the US and undermine confidence in American democracy, American citizens, but also actively tried to help the Republican candidate to occupy the white house.

According to the findings of the investigation, intelligence agencies have identified people linked to the Russian government passed the site “Wikileaks” thousands of emails hacked content, including correspondence of senior Democratic National Committee and chairman of the campaign headquarters of Hillary Clinton, John Podesta.

“The intelligence assessment is that Russia favored one candidate over the other in the presidential election, and helped Trump get elected,” a senior official said at a briefing senators. “It is a consensus among researchers,” he added. Agency officials also continued the conversation that “quite clear” election of a presidential Trump is a Russian interest.