Japanese pop group Keyakizaka46 recent days caused a storm in Japan and around the world, after arriving for a special concert in Yokohama on the occasion of Halloween – costumes they dressed a little too reminiscent uniforms of the troops of the Nazi SS. Pictures distributed social media visibility of black costumes military coats, and decorated with a symbol like a Nazi eagle, aroused resentment among many people.

“Did you know that just because you did, or did not praised the Nazis, does not mean you can, do something like this,” wrote one viewer on Twitter, claiming that “It is unforgivable, considering their impact.” Another viewer urged the band, aged 15 to 21, read The Diary of Anne Frank. Third viewer claim that the producer and the management team had to stop the problematic appearance.

According to a report in the British newspaper “The Guardian”, Japanese writer Aitz’ikh Rokoso, which operates in Berlin, urged Following the incident, the Japanese young people to remember the pain of the families and friends of the millions killed in World War II. A similar storm arose in Japan in 2011, when the boy band “Kisidn” performed live in costumes reminiscent of Nazi uniforms.

Girls Band was formed last year by the organizing committee of the Olympics in Tokyo in 2020, and has managed to conquer the Japanese Prime singles charts with the hit song “Silent Majority”. Akimoto, producer and writer of the band, will participate in producing the Olympics opening ceremony in four years. He read to integrate them in the opening ceremony, but it provoked strong criticism, arguing that it is inappropriate to combine the official event the youth group.

In an official statement, the producer Akimoto said that he apologizes “for the inability to distinguish things.” Sony, the recording company which signed the band, said: “We express our sincere apologies for the insult caused by the lack of our understanding. We treat the case with a straight face, and an effort was made to prevent similar incidents in the future.”