US President Barack Obama convenes tonight (Wednesday) the final press conference in his office, two days before the swearing of his successor, Donald Trump will take place the day after the dramatic decision to reduce the punishment of the soldier Chelsea Manning.

According to a CNN poll, the percentage of support for Obama with the end of his term soaring up to 60%, putting himĀ in the third place of all-time. after Bill Clinton – 66% – and Ronald Reagan – 64% – raked high percent on theirĀ last month in office. About two-thirds of respondents said that Obama’s presidency was successful.

On Friday, Obama will face Trump and his family at the White House before the swearing ceremony. Then, the outgoing president will fly with his family on vacation in Palm Springs, California. Then they will return to Washington, DC, where they rent a house until their young daughter Sasha will finish her high school.