The first lady of North Korea did not appear in public for seven months, prompting rumors of a rift power of the isolated communist state. According to the news agency of South Korea Ionhaf, Ri Sol-ju last appeared alongside Kim Jong Un on March 28, when he accompanied him on his visit to the area of health and new commercial district of the capital Pyongyang.

Among the explanations offered for this was the possibility that she was pregnant and expecting first child. Another explanation suggests that may have created a rift between Ri and Kim Yo-jong, the younger sister of the dictator responsible for the promotion of his personality cult and the propaganda of the regime. Kim is considered to have great influence on her older brother.

Since its first appearance as the first lady of North Korea in 2012, Jerry was photographed many times with Kim during a “training tours” of his factories, hospitals and parks. Regime media have published 22 pictures of them together in 2013 and 15 times in 2014, but only three times a year – all of the first three months of the year.

“There’s definitely something surprising, since Kim¬†photographed many times by the media in North Korea,” explained Telegraph Professor Wigmore Tosimitzo Waseda University in Tokyo, specializing in leadership in Pyongyang. “There are several possible reasons, among others may be pregnant is having some sort of problem between the two.”

According to him, there are unconfirmed reports that ministers had been very close to Zhang Song-T’ak, Kim’s uncle who was executed in 2013 after being convicted of crimes against the ¬†communist regime. Professor Wigmore also mentioned reports followed, under which North Korea “is unstable and some factions in the army tried to attack the government last year.” Therefore, he says that may be the absence of the First Lady is due sentries it enjoys these days.