Two American bombers flew today (Wednesday) the skies of South Korea, and one of them landed in an air base 40 kilometers south of the capital – according to eyewitness told Reuters news agency. This second mission of its kind since the last nuclear test of North Korea, conducted less than two weeks ago .

US forces in Korea said that the flight was attended by two bombers B-1B ,base stationed on Guam, and that the purpose of the mission was to demonstrate the commitment of Washington. These were the last time the two bombers B-1B, accompanied by fighter aircraft leaves American and South Korean.

North Korea has ignored international condemnation due to its fifth nuclear test, and this week she declared that successfully tested a new rocket engine that will be used to launch satellites, a move that is contrary to UN sanctions imposed on it.

The United States and China, which is a key ally of North Korea, condemned the latest experiment, and promised to step up cooperation in the UN. Diplomats of theĀ UN said that the two countries began discussions on a draft resolution concerning the nuclear test, but Beijing has not said explicitly that it supports new measures against Pyongyang.