A woman hundred years old women  (Monday) was rescue alive from the rubble in New Zealand, caused by the intense earthquake that struck the country yesterday, but her son is two fatalities from the earthquake – reported newspaper “New Zealand Herald”. Rescue workers found the town Kiaokrh Margaret Edgar, where she was trapped for hours under the ruins of the farm where she lived since 1952.

“The house collapsed like a house of cards,” the newspaper said Christopher Henry, a doctor at the local hospital. with her daughter in law Pam, but her son Louis could not get out of there alive. “They have lost everything,” said a relative of their newspaper. Lewis is one of two fatalities magnitude earthquake was 7.8 degrees and was felt in most areas of the country, including the capital Wellington.

Prime Minister John Key, who flew the skies of the area, was in shock from the Degree of destruction “and estimated that the value of the damage they are about a hundred billion dollars. Vehicles were overturned, houses collapsed to the ground and roads cracked or covered in mud. Local TV network recorded three cows remained stuck on a piece of land after the ground collapsed around them.

The earthquake was the most powerful one that struck the country , and it has also caused tsunamis that hit the east coast of New Zealand. The epicenter was near the small town of Hammer Springs, located within a hundred kilometers of Christchurch, where 185 people were killed in an earthquake in 2011. This time, also caused damage in the capital, and the town Kiaokrh thousand tourists were staying in tents and keeping their evacuation.