District residents of Caccini in Myanmar Caught not ready when he caught a huge cylinder shaped object fell from the sky last Thursday in the middle of a mine gems and caused panic. The large metal cylinder, which takes four and a half meters, probably related to China’s satellite launching of “Long March” 11 “on Wednesday night, and residents of Myanmar reported hearing a large explosion before the landing of the mysterious object

According to local authorities, the metallic cylinder jumped 50 meters before finally landing in the muddy mine, which normal is a¬†gem mine . “All of us we were afraid of the explosion,” said a Maung Myo, a resident of one of the villages in the area. “At first we thought it was in. The explosion caused our houses shake, saw smoke coming from our village.” He added that the smell of burnt from the mine..

According to a report in the “Global New Light” in Myanmar, more metal part fell in the room and through the roof of a building which was empty at the time. It is estimated that two severed parts of an airplane engine or a rocket, and their size and shape also consistent with the hypothesis that fell during the lunge.