Mexican President Enrique Nieto rejected today (Thursday) the program of the President of the United States Donald Trump to build a wall on the border and announced the cancellation of the meeting was planned for next Tuesday. “I’ll say it again – Mexico does not pay any wall,” assured tha in his speech on Wednesday to the nation, which rejected the statements made by Trump. Nieto was pressured to cancel the meeting in Washington, and Trump’s comment may speak, that you should cancel the session,  that to this led this.

“The United States has a trade deficit of $ 60 billion with Mexico,” Trump wrote in his Twitter account after yesterday instruct the start of the wall design. “From the beginning, the NAFTA agreement was unilaterally caused the loss of many jobs and companies. If Mexico is not prepared to pay the necessary amount, it is better to cancel the upcoming session.” NAFTA is a trade agreement North Atlantic, which is also signed by Canada. Trump ordered the reopening, which could lead to abolition eventually. Following  Trump, President of Mexico on his Twitter comment: “This morning we informed the White House that we will not participate in a meeting planned for next Tuesday with the president of the United States”.

Meanwhile, the US official said that Mark Morgan, head of border police in the country, responsible among other things for securing the border between Mexico and the United States, left the agency. It is unclear whether Morgan resigned or was fired by his superiors.
As stated, the diplomatic began with the signing of the order to start the construction as well as the publication of the first television interview granted by Trump ABC. “Mexico will pay on the wall,” he said in an interview, adding that despite the orders signed by the Ministry of Public Security, Congress still needs to approve the plan whose cost is estimated at tens of billions of dollars. During the signing of the orders Trump said that going on a “crisis” at the southern border of the United States and ordered the appointment of ten thousand immigration inspectors to overcome border controls. “A country without borders is not a country,” said Trump. “As of today, the United States regained control of its borders.”

Following things turn Nieto delivered a speech to the nation. “I regret and condemn the decision of the United States to continue to build the wall that for years divided us instead of bringing us together,” he said anyone who was severely criticized when he met with Trump in Mexico City in September, before it won the election Hillary Clinton. He also sent a message of reconciliation and said that his country offers “membership in the American people and the willingness to reach agreements with their government”, but stressed that Mexico does not pay on the wall.