Incoming US president Donald Trump is in the midst of his appointments of his team in the White House, but today (Sunday) US media reported that this will in fact his wife Melania, the future first lady, and their son will not move with him to Washington after the swearing-in in January
“Melania very connected to Baron, and they were tied more during the election campaign,” a source told the New York Post. “The campaign was not simple for the child and his mother wants to minimize the difficulties from this experiencing.” However it was noted that the pair might move to the White House at the end of the school year.

Another source said that Melania will come to the White House when he need to, but the most of her attention will go to her son. “Melania supportive at Donald is willing to do whatever it takes her position as first lady.” However, he said that “Melania committed to Baron and she prefers to raise him herself without assistance.

The decision not to go to the White House are likely to be security implications. Trump Manhattan residential building will expand the security presence around the tower and will require considerable efforts of the Secret Service in the area.

“Trump building will become the White House’s in New York,” said Jim Reese, president of global security. “The Secret Service would have to worry about some crazy gay not to come near and blow up a bomb near the building.”