Muslim solider from the Marine Corps claims that ordered him to get into a clothes dryer in Paris Island training base in South Carolina – this come up from the findings of an investigation released today (Wednesday) on ABC. According to the soldier, the commander of the training was drunk during the incident wanted to know if he is a terrorist and took part in the September 11 terror attacks. the solider  , believes that experienced harassment because of his faith, suffered burns to his neck and shoulders after commanders Turn the dryer several times.

The incident occurred in 2015. According to an official Marine Corps, one of the two officers who were involved in it, is the commander in March 18 “hard slap” another Muslim rookie named Rahil Siddiqui, moments before he fled and jumped to his death from the third floor in the building where he was staying.

Siddiqui’s death is officially defined as suicide led to extensive questioning regarding harassment and abuse in the Marines. Last week it was revealed that the investigation found that the commander of the training of Siddiqui did not have to monitor the Marines recruits he was questioned about an incident last year slapped.

The documents obtained by ABC and are expected to be shortly described as a matter of transparency, abuse directed against Muslim soldier in the Marines during 2015. According to the investigation report, the soldier told the investigators that he believed he was excluded Marine Week “, the week in which the recruits finished nine weeks of training, because of his faith religious.

According to the Muslim solider, two officers ordered him to stay in bed. He also claimed that the odor smells of alcohol. Then marched him to the shower, where they ordered him to perform push-ups while the water flowing on him. After being soaked in water, he says, commanders ordered him to dry before returning to bed. He enters the dryer and the commanding officer told him that “he was paid spies to locate and expose his true identity”. At one point a soldier asked whether the Muslim Marines participated in the September 11 attacks.

At this point, the dryer has been activated twice for 30 seconds during which the commanders asked for whom he worked. When he replied – “for no one”, the door closed again and the dryer was activated for longer. At this point told assumption that burned and began to cry.

The claims against the commanders were raised by three Marines, including Muslim, more than three months after completing their training in Paris Island. The only reported last week that 20 Marines Paris Island may face criminal prosecution and because of their actions.