The drama ended at the airport in Malta: A passenger plane took off this morning (Friday) from Libya hijacked and forced to land in Malta. Prime Minister of Malta tweet that updated the hijacking, about 118 passengers and crew. After several hours the hijackers released all passengers, and a short time later surrendered to the security forces and arrested.

The flight A320 of the “African Airways”, the hijackers forced the pilot to land in Malta and threatened to blow up the plane. The kidnappers, who belong to an organization that supports former Libyan ruler Gaddafi, demanded the release of Gaddafi’s son, Seif al-Islam Gadhafi, held under house arrest in the city of Zintan in the west of Libya.

Malta’s airport was closed following the events and the planes were supposed to land was allocated to land in Italy. Military forces came to the field and placed hundreds of meters away from the plane and a negotiating team was dispatched to the scene. It is not yet known whether the kidnappers were working alone or had help any organization.

After a few hours in which it is unknown whether negotiations were held with the kidnappers, the two began to release some of the passengers, mostly women and children, and finally allowed the release of all passengers. The kidnappers eventually want done from the plane and turned themselves in after they seek asylum in Malta.