French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron fell victim to an Internet attack on Friday when mail messages from his election campaign leaked to the network a day and a half before the French went to the polls. McCarton, who is now leading in the polls for his far-right opponent Marin Le Pen, quickly admitted that “normal” documents had indeed been leaked but forged documents had been woven into them. In France there is a law banning propaganda two days before the elections themselves, which makes every subject of the Election sensitive and complex.
About 9 gigabytes of information were uploaded to the network when a user who called himself “EMLEAKS” uploaded the content to a file sharing site that allows anonymous sharing. At first, it was not clear who was behind the leak, and whether the documents really belonged to Macron campaign, but in a statement on behalf Macron man, confirmed that their e-mail account had been attacked and that the correspondence had indeed been made by them.

The En Marche movement was the victim of a large and coordinated hacking attack, in which social networks were disseminated on the social networks, “Macron said in a statement. , But added that forged documents containing “misinformation” were among the original documents.

The French Election Commission has officially announced that it will convene an urgent meeting on the matter and ask the media to act responsibly in the matter of publishing information from the same documents. Especially in view of the fact that the campaign is over and Election Day is approaching, and publication of the materials is considered a criminal offense. Comments on leaked materials began arriving on Friday evening, just hours before the official ban on election propaganda came into force.

Recent polls show that Macron is expected to win the second round, in what many call “the most important elections of France in recent decades.” According to recent polls, he is expected to receive 62% of the votes.