TAK Kurdish militia, which operates in eastern Turkey, claimed responsibility for the attack that occurred last night (Saturday) in the country -Reuters reported. The message spread by the organization, which in the past was affiliated to the PKK Kurdish underground, alleged that two of his men were killed during the attack yesterday

This is a radical organization that retired from the Kurdish resistance: The group claimed responsibility for the attack carried out in the past, last year at the Istanbul airport. Although the organization operates separately from the underground Kurdish, Turkish Deputy Prime Minister said today (Sunday), the Turkish branch of CNN that there are indications that the attack was carried out by the Istanbul PKK forces.

Yesterday, two explosions killed 38 people – 31 policemen and seven civilians – and injured at least 155 people. The initial investigation shows that the first explosion was caused by a car bomb which was planted bomb was triggered by remote control. 45 seconds later the second explosion occurred and it was caused by a suicide bomber.

Two explosions occurred near the stadium of Besiktas football team: the newspaper “Sabah Daily” reported that the Turkish government announced this morning on the day of national mourning following the results of the attack. Turkish institutions also flags were lowered to half-mast.