The New York Times reveals today (Sunday) that, according to documents obtained show that Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump United States declared its tax returns report 1995 losses of $ 916 million. According to US law, recording a loss of this magnitude can type Trump did not pay taxes for 18 years.

The Times claimed that they managed to get the tax records of Trump since 1995 and that there are records of “numerous failed trades”. It was also claimed that Trump has received numerous financial benefits result of these transactions.

According to the accountants hired by the Times to analyze the tax report, US law is really benefit especially with the rich, it is possible to avoid paying taxes Trump. According to accountants by the auditors, register a loss of 916 million dollars, would allow Trump to avoid paying tax on profits of up to $ 50 million for 18 years.

Trump headquarters did not deny them, but said that the response document published by the newspaper was obtained illegally. In addition, the Republican candidate attacked the newspaper claiming that he actually works for Hillary Clinton.

Along the turbulent election campaign in the United States, calling on the Democratic Donald Trump, who is running on the GOP save the reports in his tax payments. Trump for his part, declined in an unprecedented presidential contender in history to reveal the data.