Hurricane “Matthew”, the most powerful Caribbean storm in a decade, struck today (Thursday) in the Bahamas and is strengthened on its way to the southeast United States. The storm claimed the lives of 140 people, most of them in Haiti, during the journey north.

“Matthew”, which led to the uprooting of many homes and devastated Haiti throughout the impoverished country, today strengthened level 3 to 4 orbit the Atlantic coast of Florida. According to the US Centers for predicting hurricane, storm rains are expected to fall during the night between Thursday and Friday. Georgia Warning Center was expanded and now more than 12 million Americans entered the area of risk. Georgia governor ordered the evacuation of 500 thousand civilians along the coast.

Directly hit by the storm damage in Florida could be “catastrophic”, warned Governor Rick Scott, and urged the million and a half citizens in the country to abide by the evacuation. “If you are reluctant to evacuate, think about all the people who were killed,” Scott said at a news conference on Thursday. “Time is running out. It is clear to all that a hurricane will hit direct hit or strike down the coast, and we’re going to kidnap hurricane-force winds.” Scott also warned surfing beaches: “Do not go overboard. It will kill you.”

Hysteria and pressure from the strong storm back Unfortunately the life of one person. A car driver was shot dead by police following the South Carolina debate on the hurricane evacuation route. Lucas from Moncks Corner Flkl approached the vehicle checkpoint set up, run over several traffic signs and quickly fled the scene. The police gave chase him to where he stopped and began to shoot at them. The town sheriff said that police fired back at him, wounding him. Flkl taken to hospital and later died of his wounds. As is customary in such cases, policemen were on holiday administrative.

Four American States in the path of the storm, Florida, Georgia, North and South Carolina, declared a state of emergency, allowing the government¬†activate the National Guard. “It’s still too early to tell which country will cause the biggest damage Matthew,” said hurricane forecasting center. Shelters in Florida, Georgia and South Carolina were opened to evacuees. US President Barack Obama, revised preparations for the storm, said emergency crews are cooperating with federal officials in all four countries to supply equipment and emergency workers.