Getting to school in Sichuan province in China can easily be considered one of the most feared in the world. To get to school students are forced to do exhausting through a two-hour and includes a decrease scale tree hanging cliff hundreds of feet. But now, following the publication of photos of the perilous journey, a ladder placed have been place.

Atolr is a small village in northern China where live less than 400 inhabitants located on a cliff 800 meters high. Students living in the village are forced to drop off the cliff in order to get to the school through the narrow and dangerous scale. So arduous journey to the students return home only once every two months.

To descend the steep decline helped students and residents of the area a rickety ladder consisting of branches, but after that earlier this year published a series of images that you can see 15 pupils aged 6 who make the difficult trip to the scales which they call “Ladders to Heaven”, it was decided to place a ladder safer.

To make it easier for children the old ladder had been take down, thin branches ladder and began to build in its place a new, modern ladder to cost about 150 thousand dollars. The ladder consists of over 1,500 steel pipes and completion probably be completed early next month.

“It’s too dangerous to climb ,” said Chen Qi, the photographer who took the pictures. “I can not even imagine how frightening to lose”. Ladder not only facilitate the students, but also for other local residents, who are forced to go down the cliff every week to buy groceries from the market close several miles away from their homes.