Four police officers were shot today (Wednesday) in Germany during a raid on the apartment of a man suspected members of the extreme right. Germany Interior Ministry said the 49-year-old man opened fire at the police in his home town Gaorgnsgmod that some of them were seriously injured. The suspect was shot and arrested.

A police spokesman said that the aim of the operation was to confiscate weapons purchased legally by the ┬ásuspect because of the danger it poses. “49-year-old man opened fire at the police immediately,” the spokesman said. The suspect called himself “Riicsborgr”, part of the far-right movement that opposes the state and a neo-Nazi symbols.

Germany is on high alert for fear of terror attacks by Islamic terrorist organizations, but also far-right organizations are intensifying their activities refugee crisis. Among other things, were set on fire in recent months several refugee reception centers east of the country.