French police raided yesterday (Monday) the headquarters of the National Front party, Marine Le Pen, in the investigation surrounding the transfer of funds of EU parliamentary assistant. An extreme right party said that “it seems that the media, aims to interfere with the presidential election campaign.” The European Parliament claims that Le Pen transfer in 2011 and 2012 EU funds for members of the party, was against the regulations under which the parliamentary budget is intended only for their assistants of MEPs.

Le Pen leads in the polls ,first round to be held in late April, but is expected to lose by a large margin in the second round in early May. The leading candidate to a recent victory in the second round, François Fillon conservative, got into Controversial as the misuse of public funds. Authorities are investigating whether he employed his wife and his sons, parliamentary adviser to his lawyer without having done the actual work.

Following Entanglement of Fillon, who refuses to quit the race even though most public polls was interested in doing so, became independent candidate Emmanuel macaroon expected winner. According to the polls, is indeed finish after Le Pen in the first round, but increase it by a large margin in the second round.