A senior military official in South Korea said yesterday (Sunday) news agency Ionhaf that if North Korea would demonstrate signs of a nuclear attack is approaching, the capital Pyongyang “completely destroyed by ballistic missiles and shells.” After North Korea nuclear test completed its the fifth and the largest so far.

The security official said that North Korean capital’s neighborhoods is estimated that government officials will live main goal of such an attack. He said the city “Tics to the ground and erased from the map”. At the same time, the special envoy of the United States and North Korea, Sung Kim, said that Washington was considering unilateral steps against Pyongyang, due to “the threat it poses to the region, the ownership of our allies and us.”

This is in addition to the new sanctions promoting governments of the United States, South Korea and Japan against North Korea in the Security Council of the United Nations. Yesterday return Pyongyang isolated threats of diplomatic, claiming that the proposed sanctions “meaningless and degrees grin.” A spokesman for the Foreign Ministry of Pyongyang called Washington recognize north Korea “a country with nuclear weapons.”

According to the statement, published in state-run news agency KCNA North Korea, US President Barack Obama “is doing what it can to prevent the strategic status of a country with nuclear weapons, but it’s silly like trying to hide the sun with a hand.” According to the official announcement, the last nuclear test is a response to the nuclear threat posed by, according to Pyongyang, the United States, and the authorities will continue to develop its nuclear capabilities “quality and quantity”.

Obama on Friday condemned the nuclear test conducted by North Korea, calling it “a serious threat to regional security and stability and world peace.” Obama added that he would work together with its partners in the United States to impose additional sanctions on the regime in Pyongyang. “The United States does not accept and will never receive, the North Korea nuclear state”, said the President, noting that the only country conducted nuclear tests since the beginning of the century.

On the night between Thursday and Friday Pyongyang carried out a nuclear test its fifth and largest to date. According to North Korean authorities, its scientists were able to develop the technological capability to assemble a nuclear warhead on a ballistic missile. Experimental test was conducted on the occasion of 68 years to the founding of North Korea, and at the end of a nine-day visit of the American president in Asia.