Colin Powell, former Secretary of State and former top US military¬†forces, secretly wrote to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump United States is “a national disgrace” and “an international disgrace”. Powell did not intend descriptions will be published, but the US site BuzzFeed has received a copy of the email written by Emily Miller, who previously served as his assistant and later became a journalist, last June.

Powell, who served as under three Republican presidents, visited the Trump also the connection with racist organizations and raised questions about his religion and his birthplace of President Obama. “Is a process of self-destruction – the Democrats do not have to attack him,” he wrote.

At the same time, Politico website reported yesterday the attorney general in New York, Eric Schneiderman launched an investigation against “Trump¬†fund “, philanthropic foundation of the Republican presidential candidate. According to the report, the purpose of the investigation is to “ensure that the Fund complies with laws governing Trump charitable activities in New York” when the Trump allegedly defrauded donors to the fund.

Another problem for Trump may be an investigation of the American magazine Newsweek considered: the newspaper reported that soon will reveal a major case about Trump, according to reporter Kurt Aiicnooald “may change the discourse about the elections.” Speaking to MSNBC network hint Aiicnooald Trump’s ties with “foreign forces” may create conflicts of interest in case the applicant chooses.

But the magazine reported that interviewed a variety of business and international partners for projects of Trump, politicians from foreign countries and even some “criminals”. According to the newspaper, “If Trump wins, held by overseas transactions will create a nightmare for national security.”

Meanwhile, a survey by NBC released yesterday suggests that the benefit of Hillary Clinton in public opinion National further down: According to the survey, 48% of respondents support its candidate while 44% Trump, a decrease of 2% in support of the Democratic candidate – despite the fact that the survey incident took place before Hillary collapse, is likely to reduce further its support. By comparison, five weeks ago – at the end of the Democratic convention – Clinton enjoyed the advantage of the 10% national support. CNN wondered: “Hillary had fallen – whether the campaign would fall behind?”, And the Los Angeles Times published a survey according to which Trump owns 5% ahead of the international public opinion after the incident.