Queen Elizabeth almost shot by one of the guard during a walk in early morning in the courtyard of Buckingham Palace a few years ago – reported yesterday (Wednesday), “The Times” British. According to the report, which was based on the testimony of a former guard, the queen Suffer from insomniac, she Wearing a raincoat and wander through the backyards. One night a few years ago toured the former guard inside the palace at around 3:00 at night and he Identified figure in the dark. “who is there?” He asked in a loud voice he thought he recognized a burglar.

However, to his surprise, it was the queen. “Good grief, Her Majesty, almost shot you,” he blurted out at her. After realizing his statements were inappropriate He watched sternly reprimanded. Instead, the newspaper reported, the Queen replied: “That’s fine. Next time I’ll tell before (the trip) so you do not have to shoot me.”

Yesterday, the Queen attended the first official event since she became ill with a bad cooling forcing her to miss the official ceremonies of the royal family at Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Last Monday, Princess Anne told her mother that she felt “better”.

Posts from Buckingham Palace for Queen Elizabeth’s absence from both events because of the difficult cooling in the kingdom raised serious concerns about her health. As a Christmas pageant, it was the first time that the Queen has missed the ceremony in Holy Mary Magdalene Church at Sandringham. However, her husband, Prince Philip, who also had a cold, recovered enough to walk alongside the rest of the royal family to the ceremony. Previously it was reported that Elizabeth stepped down as the patroness of 25 national organizations and hand them over to the other members of the royal family.

Meanwhile, against the terrorist attack in Berlin, Buckingham Palace announced that he will insert changes to one of its oldest traditions – the replacement of guards. According to the palace, now the autumn and winter seasons and tradition apply fixed days: Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday.