The British government released Monday the identities of two of the terrorists who carried out the combined attack in London last night. One of the terrorists was identified as British citizen, Shazad Butt , a 27-year-old was known to the police and MI5. “There was no intelligence information about him indicating that he was planning an attack and that, therefore, he was not the top priority of the security bodies in the country.

The second terrorist was identified as Rashid Radwan, who was also known as Rashid al-Hadar and was not known to the authorities. According to the police, Rashid from Morocco and Libya. Investigations into the identity of the third terrorist are continuing.

Earlier, the RTE network reported that one of the terrorists had an Irish ID found on his body at the scene of the attack on the Boro Market. According to the report, British authorities have contacted their counterparts in Ireland, confirming that they are residents of the capital, Dublin, who has been living there for a while. According to estimates, this is a man of Moroccan origin married to a Scottish woman. It has not yet been ascertained which citizenship he holds. According to the report, he was not known to the security authorities in any way. The Irish police said only that they were assisting the British police in the investigation, and no confirmation was given.

At the same time, it was reported that another terrorist was a resident of Barking, East London. A resident of the neighborhood, Erica Gaspari, told CNN that she had reported it to the police in the past, after seeing him “teaching children how to pray.” His neighbor, Jibril Palomba, said that “I would never suspect that he would do such a thing, especially not to his community.”

He added that the last time he saw him “there was nothing strange.” However, he said that in the past he told him in several cases, “Jibril, you have to be a loyal Muslim, and if you do not do it you will go to hell.” Palobama and other neighbors described him as a family man and devoted father, and a relatively quiet man.

Another neighbor told the Sky network that he was “definitely part of the community, a very kind person.” He said that the terrorist had lived in the area for the past three years with his wife and two children and was involved in community activities. He added that he worked for the London Transportation Authority and a nearby fitness center.

Another neighbor described the terrorist as “a very kind and very friendly man,” but said that recently he had asked him many questions about a commercial vehicle he owned – such as the one used for the attack. “He asked a lot of specific questions about the van, and now it suddenly makes sense,” he explained. “So I did not think it was anything special.”
Deputy Police Commissioner Mark Rowley said at a press conference that eight policemen fired an “unprecedented amount” of bullets at the attackers and wounded a civilian who was wounded as a result, and said that at least 50 bullets were fired at the scene adding: “They already killed civilians, and they had to be stopped immediately.”

The attack, which began at around 2:08 am local time, was opened by trampling pedestrians at the London Bridge. After the terrorists hit the pavement, they got out of the commercial vehicle they were driving in, and began to stab people with knives. From there they fled down the street to the Boro Market food complex and continued their stabbing campaign until they were eliminated. They carried explosive belts, but these turned out to be fake belts.