Granted amnesty to thousands of British men convicted of homosexual sex – announced yesterday (Thursday) the British government. It will be cleaned names of the convicted men, most of whom are no longer alive. Convicted who are still alive will also erase the criminal record in the matter.

Homosexual relationships were banned in England until 1967, and only in 2001 Download age of consent for homosexual relationships to 16, and compared with heterosexual age of consent. Lord John Sharki, who was granting the pardons, said that 65 thousand men convicted of homosexuality, and 15 thousand of them are still alive. Those convicted were arrested in bars, cafes and public toilets, and sometimes even in the privacy of their home. “It is very important pardoned people convicted of sex crimes and today would be considered innocent,” said British Minister of Justice, Sam Game. Amnesty will be granted to men only, because that sex lesbian was never against the law in the UK, although there are times when lesbians were convicted under various regulations.

Amnesty program was awarded the name “Turing Law”, named for the British mathematician Alan Turing, during the Second World War took part in cracking the code of the encryption system “Enigma” of the German army and hereby contributed many Allied victory. Turing was convicted of homosexuality and sentenced to treatment with female hormones to suppress his sexual desire. He committed suicide in 1954 at the age of 42. In 2013, after a public battle that lasted years, he was granted a pardon by Queen Elizabeth.

Even the Irish playwright Oscar Wilde was convicted of such offenses, during an extensive struggle Phenomenon “took place in the late 19th century. Wilde was sentenced to two years and forced labor after being accused of Greater , homosexuality say the period. However, it is unknown whether Wilde will be included in the list of recipients of amnesty, because the Justice Department announced that the country will not disclose the names and details of the men.

Turing under the amnesty will be granted only to those convicted of crimes that are considered today. Men who have sex with other men who gave their consent, or who were under 16 at the time, did not receive amnesty, as men convicted of having sex in a public toilet, which is still considered a crime.

“I was not guilty of anything,” said George Montague, 93, gay rights activist and writer who lives in Brighton, England, and was convicted of homosexuality in the 70s, with the BBC. “I was only guilty of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. My name was in the list of homosexuals, who was the police at the time, “he said, adding that he” can not accept the pardon. “Montague described the hero Alan Turing, but stressed that he opposes amnesty granted to him after his death.” What he was guilty? “he asked.” he was guilty only of what I was to blame: we were born only able to fall in love with men. ”

Lord Sharki said amnesty is “probably the best way to get to know the real damage caused by homophobic laws cruel and unfair”. He added that he hopes “that a lot of people feel exactly like that today.”