The Swedish Academy announced today (Wednesday) that the singer Bob Dylan, who was declared winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2016, which the letter states that he will not come at the award ceremony in December. The letter explained that Dylan could not make it to the ceremony due to “previous commitment.”

According to the report, written and singer really wanted to accept the award in person, but it did not work out. “This is not normal -, but it has already happened,” he wrote in response that the Academy decided to not take the award himself receive the prestigious ceremony in Stockholm.

In the past Nobel Prize winners Harold Pinter as a playwright who was hospitalization, Doris Lessing or Alfred G. Gilman suffered from social phobia, chose not to come to receive the prize in person.

also Bob Dylan commitment to the Academy only literature Nobel , is that he will deliver a lecture to the Academy in Sweden six months after the ceremony. The 75-year-old Dylan song-writing is the first ever winning a prestigious award.