4,444 men and women in Australia reported that they sexually abused in institutions of the Catholic Church throughout the country in the last 35 years – so today unveiled (Monday) and the official Committee established in 2013 to combat the problem. Complaints were filed against 7% of the Catholic priests for acts that occurred since 1980 and 2015, but in most cases the church authorities chose to cover up the events. Sometimes, children who complained were punished themselves.

Gil Furness, who heads the Committee , exposing the data, noted that the average age of victims is ten and a half to girls, and 11 and half to guys. “Often overlooked the claims of the children, much worse – they were punished,” said Furness. “The claims were never investigated and priests and clerics only directed towards other areas where they knew nothing about the priests  past. There were no complaints or the documentation was destroyed.”

Francis Sullivan, who represents the Catholic Church in front of the committee, said that the information was a “huge failure,” the church’s efforts to protect children. “The figures are shocking, tragic and can not protect them,” Sullivan told the committee. “As Catholics, we are filled with shame”.

inquiry committee opened  the following complaints and increasingly the Catholic Church pedophilia institutions in Australia. In recent years, the Committee heard testimony of many who have past abuses by priests, but the problem has not been revealed until now.