More than a hundred people were killed in Syria last day since declared Russia and the United States outline to end the civil war. According to opposition sources, in an air strike on a vegetable market Idlib killed 69 people, including 13 children, in attacks on Aleppo province killed at least 45.

As part of the outline obtained, a truce of ten days will start tomorrow in airstrikes against terrorist organizations ISISĀ and Al-Nusra Front will continue. Program, which was agreed at the end of a marathon day of discussions in Geneva, Switzerland, agreed that the parties allow humanitarian organizations access to all areas in Syria, seven days after the start of the ceasefire.

Hezbollah announced today that it supports the cease-fire but will continue to fight these organizations. Media affiliated with the Lebanese organization said that the ceasefire is a chance everyone should take for the sake of the Syrian people. Hezbollah’s announcement follows the approval of the regime of Bashar Assad yesterday shared outlines. The last one to praise the agreement is Iran, which called to, keep theĀ cease-fire .

Turkey and the European Union welcomed the plan was reached, but warned that further actions are needed. Ankara claimed that the aid must be passed at the beginning of the ceasefire, while EU foreign policy Federica Mogherini said that it expects to also apply to political change in the country.

Syrian opposition also welcomed the outline, and the Syrian National Council spokeswoman, Basma precursor, said that the Council welcomes the outline “If you enforce it.” placed the blame on the doorstep of Moscow, as Russia claims only with the Damascus regime obey the ceasefire agreement. Compared with the Syrian National Council, Syrian rebels cast doubt on the agreement and argue that although the outline – Russia will continue air strikes.