Taking advantage from the swearing of Donald Trump to send a message 4,200 joints will be distributed free in Washington on January 20 to anyone who would be willing to take by Adam Edinger and other activists for the sake of full legalization of marijuana. “We also protect our initiative in front of the federal authorities,” said Edinger CNN. “We fear directed to cancel our achievements in local laws. This is still our right to distribute marijuana cigarettes.” He said that move is designed to awaken a clear message to the governments of Trump: not to block federal legislation on the subject, or at least reduce the administration’s opposition to cannabis.

Edinger is the founder of DCMJ promoting the “Initiative 71” calling for the legalization of marijuana, the legislation allowing DC residents to smoke marijuana without fear. However, the sale of marijuana in the capital is still banned, so Edinger and his friends decided to distribute it for free.

Divide urge all who would take over the Joint turn it together at the National Mall just four minutes and twenty seconds into Trump’s swearing . Edinger reminding that in the area around capitol Hill you can’t smoke marijuana, since it is the area of the federal government, and therefore there is a risk of arrest.

Trump has been revealed in the past that he does not support legalization. Edinger call on President-elect to invite him to talk – and in return will cancel the planned distribution. “If he will not listen to us, we have no choice but to stink with marijuana  in the ceremony,” he added. American media, for its part, thinks that Trump will not be occupied by legalization: his candidate for attorney general, Jeff Sessions, is not known as an opponent of the United States is undergoing the process of legalization.