“Son of a bitch”, these  are the words Choose Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte called the US President Barack Obama, that after a few hours, during which  latter canceled the meeting, changed his mind and claimed that this was not a personal attack. But this is not the first time expressed Duterte bluntly, it seems that not endowed with remarkable diplomatic skills. Surprisingly, this is also not the first time he curses high-ranking figures using the phrase “son of a bitch.”

AFP gross gathered some of the statements he made before and after winning the presidential elections in the Philippines earlier this year. “You must be respected. Do not throw questions and statements. Son of a bitch, I’ll curse you in the community,” he said yesterday (Monday), referring to Obama as he tried to warn him not to exceed human rights issues in their meeting scheduled in Laos. Duterte opened violent struggle against crime in the country concerned, during which killed more than 2,400 suspects without trial.

In August, he expressed his desire to rape Duterte Australian nun, whom he likes. US Ambassador Philip Goldberg criticized the shocking statement, and “got “also a curse:” gay son of a bitch. ” “I fight with Ambassador (Minister of Foreign Affairs John Kerry). Ambassador his gay son of a bitch. He annoyed me,” he said in a speech.

Even diplomatic bodies are considered as the UN did not escape his words of the President of the Philippines. “UN Fuck you, you can not even solve the conflict in the Middle East. You can not lift a finger in Africa. Be quiet, all of you,” he stated at a press conference in June. Two months later, he even offered to leave the organization. “Maybe we decide to leave the United Nations,” he said in response to the claim of a human rights expert international organization, that the operation against the criminal provisions violate international law. “If you do not respect,I’ll just leave you.”