Singers like to hint in they songs who they like, who they dislike, and who are really, really hate, here are two examples to refresh your memory:

1. singer Taylor Swift writes “BAD BLOOD ‘on Katy Perry’s had quarreled with her over a man.

2. rapper and husband of Kimi, Mr. Kanye West wrote a song on Taylor Swift, and what made her famous, the exact sentence is: ‘I MADE THAT FAMOUS B ** TCH,.

And so he divided the world into two groups, facing team Taylor vs team Kenya, Katy, Kim, and Calvin Harris. Which group do you belong to?

As mentioned, since the song of Taylor on Katie – two of many bickering social networks, including bite each other in various interviews. But it seems that this time, no doubt, who had the last word (as of now) is┬áKaty.

The singer enjoyed her last night (Wednesday) with a performance by Kanye West, when she eats a hot dog and having fun with friends. Ammh, as soon as Kanye began to sing the song known as the Swift song, Katie picked up her smartphone and began documenting, when she looks very amused at the moment.