If we thought the tumultuous divorce drama of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie will provide us with just a third wheel in the image of Marion Cotillard, Brad’s alleged lover, as usual Hollywood script provides a heated and much more interesting.

While Jolie (41) has been a concern for herself and her children rent a huge mansion in Malibu hide until the storm calm down a bit, it turns out her friend in recent weeks is none other than Johnny Depp (53), himself a recent graduate of a turbulent divorce soap opera Amber Heard.

The two starred together in the thriller “Tourist” in 2010, maintained according to people close to the communal relationship since they met on the set seven years ago.

“Angelina adored him for years, long before they met. When they started working together, the connection between them was immediate. There were rumors about the atmosphere of temptation, and it was exactly the same period in which she declared loyalty connection is not entirely necessary.”

“It was a crazy chemistry between them on the set and they kept in touch since then. They made sure to talk regularly while Johnny has the difficult split Amber” Insiders revealed the British tabloid “Sun”.

In fact, Depp Julie was advised to use the services of a lawyer of celebs, Laura Wasser, the same lawyer also represented the legal battle against Amber.

Close to the two say that although there is no basis to assume that Depp had anything to the separates of Pitt and Jolie , the chemistry between them is nothing new and in fact, you could feel it already while filming a movie in 2009, I had not yet happened, including anything that Pitt who was then Depp’s partner Vanessa Pardee turned on the set all the time, but said officials know nothing, Pardee was absolutely convinced that the two were having sex.

Now that reconciliation between Jolie and Pitt seems almost impossible and Depp equipped with a divorced status, close to half say that they should not be surprised if the social connection that supports the near future will become romantic. We’ll say what everyone else is thinking: who first take up the challenge and make a film?