You’re a Hollywood star who stars in a hit, but it does give you the right to say all that comes to mind and sexually harassing Interviewer only trying to do its job and produce professional interview with you? A question that somebody should talk with Vin Diesel and the sooner the better.

The Movie star of Fast and Furious, started  in what was supposed to be another interview to promote a new film in his starring. In front of him, sat interviewing a young Brazilian named Carol Morairh, who tried to run an interview with the star but soon found herself in a very uncomfortable position when diesel not stopped complimenting her, using words and mannerisms explicitly be viewed as sexual harassment.
“I love you. I love her. Wow. She is so fucking sexy,” said Diesel to his friend. “I can not do this interview. Look at her, I love her. Let’s go to lunch together , “said the star that in a relationship for ten years and has three children and his twice from Carol  Morairh.

Even when she was moving in her seat and tried to hide behind her cardes, Diesel did not get the hint and continued. “i’m  right or am I wrong? Somebody help me. When the world has become so beautiful?” When it became interview with the most beautiful girl in Brazil? I love you”.

The highlight of the harassment came as diesel dropped to his knees at some point and started crawling toward to Morairh, and continuing the distribution of inappropriate “compliments”.

At this point Morairh ended the interview. The final video of the interview came out, shared the unpleasant experience with the audience.

“He hit on me in the middle of the interview and told me how beautiful I was. He stopped the interview three times to tell me that. I laughed, but I felt totally on comfortable. I did not know what to do and the only reason I laughed was because it was very delicate situation.