But this case is so strange we didn’t see for a long time. After the beginning of the week (Sunday) Michael Douglas has revealed a strange fact that his good friend, actor Val Kilmer, have throat cancer, now comes the response of Kilmer, and he does not have cancer and not angry at Douglas.

He had to write a long post on his Facebook page, after many fans asked after the past few days, wrote that after the last star diagnoses, experts informed him that he is cancer-free, “my tongue is swollen and I’m still recovering,” wrote 56-year-old star. “Some fans thought that because I do not speak publicly about my health I’m acting irresponsibly. It is far from reality”.

So how is angry with Michael Douglas for putting him in this situation? Not at all, if you believe what he wrote on his Facebook page: “The last time I saw Michael was two years ago. I do not know what led him to make assumptions about my health, but I know he is a friend of a loving and devoted, and I’m sure he did not mean no harm.”