Recognize that a relative gets married and then everyone coming to you and bother you, then you are not alone. Even in the royal family  harass singles, such as Prince Harry suffered harassment since his brother was married, and coupled gossip sites had numerous affairs with princesses and various royalty. But it seems that is not interested Harry and the prince follows his heart, so he found a love especially among women not related in any way to the royal family.

So who’s the new woman in the life of Prince naughty? This is Megan Merkel, 35-year-old American actress in her free time she is a author. Overseas sites reported that associates are not surprised Prince falls in love with her, beyond her acting career she lectures on humanitarian issues, women, is a social activity, not shy and not hiding anything. Remind you of someone?

More uncertain how the Queen react to the mixed marriage of commoners with royalty, what is certain is that Harry will succeed to escape the wrath of the Queen.