2016 was not a successful year for Taylor Swift? It seems that in the coming year, the squad is falling apart and leave Taylor with just a sweet memory. If you were wondering, all thanks to the “best friend” , Selena Gomez, and the new love affair she started with the Weekend, the rapper who happens to be one the Ex of model Bella Hadid.

Last week, Hollywood tabloids want crazy over the discovery of the new love affair of Gomez (24) and the Weekend, one of the hottest and most successful rappers in the world today. The new love story , which reportedly began two months ago under the noses of the paparazzi, it was revealed just a few days ago, but apparently started right after the Canadian rapper split from Hadid – at the end of a relationship of two years.

Knife in the back? Since that Gomez, and even her older sister supermodel Gigi Hadid – belong to the squad of Swift, a bunch of ,models who accompany her to every ceremony, celebrating with her and lifting her life. So this is now the love affair of Gomez got exposed, and Hadid’s not so satisfied with the act of Selena. Do not mess with her, to say the least.

Bella feels betrayed, Selena really went for it just after they broke up because it was difficult to manage a long distance relationships, really no wait a minute “, group of close friends talk with gossip sites,” she initiated the breakup, but still it was hard. Then she discovered her ex spent the holidays with her friend.

Bella, said that she feel angry that she and her sister waited to receive advance notice from one of the parties in this love affair , before it disclosed happily to the media. The model, who recently walk near her ex in the victoria secret show’, probably really appalled from the discovery of the affair from online publications – because her sister Gigi was one of those who have helped Selina deal with her problems last year” .

Since the discovery, the young lovers, Bella has been raised the finger and got angry on paparazzi, just after she stopped follow after Gomez on social networks. Gomez close friends claim that this is not  serious affair and Selena just had not thought to tell about to Gigi that they “were never been close enough.” Ouch, but what about Taylor Swift now?